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Learn Python in One Year

July 22, 2017

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Learn Python in One Year

July 22, 2017


My friend Rohit Malshe gave me a great idea to learn Python as a new year's resolution. If you invest your time learning Python you can be very impactful.  If you accelerate your ability to learn python in a year, I believe you can at least double your abilities in programming. 


Python is the fastest growing and a very powerful language in machine learning. It has many modules available and it continues to grow. Many computations can be written in a limited amount of code.


Our club has been running for nearly seven months. When we started our club I had no idea how fun it would be. We have had many great talks. Over time I have learned what people want to learn and present. At the end of every session, we brainstorm new ideas and topics. Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, well go around and vote on the best idea. This allows everyone to be involved and get a chance at innovator of the week.


Python and Machine Learning have been the most interesting topics currently in the industry.  We also learned we can make the topics interesting if we explain them as a common problem. Kaggle is a perfect way to get everyone on the same page. Kaggle gives you many data sets in which you can run machine learning algorithms. 

This week we are presenting on Python Pandas. Pandas is a module to handle data frames. Consider it as Excel in memory. Once you load the data frame you can start manipulating and plotting your data. 


In the Titanic data set, we are trying to predict who died or survived. Kaggle gives us a data set to build our models. It gives data such as gender, age, fare, cabin, embarked, and so forth. The idea is to use machine learning and Python Pandas to make predictions. The better the prediction the better your machine learning model.

We can use Pandas to import and plot the data to give us a quick analysis of important columns. For example, we can plot gender and quickly determine it as an important column. Next, we can try age or fare. Surprisingly, we discovered fare is a more important second indicator because age does not output as much data after classifying gender. 


After our club runs for a year and I become more proficient in Python I plan to put together a free program to teach people Python. The winning formula to learn is to join our community, follow our learning process, and solve a Kaggle problem.


The bottom line is you should start learning Python today. If you are already an expert in Python you must teach others. You can teach new learners in our club. The world will be a better place the more problems we solve. We can solve more problems with solutions inspired by Science.

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