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July 22, 2017

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Club Values

April 2, 2017


Creating values is a step after sharing a Vision and Mission. Refer to the earlier blog for our Vision and Mission. Today, I’ll talk about our club Values. Values is the beginning of a culture. Once you start a culture it’s difficult to change. It’s important to instill the correct values and principles when starting a community.


First, I’ll share the culture of Toastmasters. The very first Toastmasters club I visited was very welcoming and supportive. Everyone shared how Toastmasters worked and how it helped improved them individually as well as the community. I was surprised everyone was very open and sharing on my first visit. They even shared information about other clubs in the area. I considered this idea because of the travel commitment to the club. I started exploring clubs closer to my area. It turns out there were two hosted at my workplace.


I visited Sporty Speakers and experienced the same welcoming and supportive environment. It also has a positive energy that kept me coming back every week. I was so inspired, I become and officer and then started looking into start a new club. I had a few ideas I wanted to try in the new club. I started doing more research how to successfully start a new club. Creating club values is a critical to establishing a supportive environment. I talked to the Sporty Speakers founder about it’s values. The values were enthusiasm, diversity, and creativity. The club is on it’s four year and the culture is thriving. I have visited local, area, division, and district in Toastmasters. The culture is spread throughout the organization.


I have many ideas to improve our new club. The values that would be great to instill in our club are fun, supportive, sharing, and specialized in STEM. I’ll describe why each of these are important. Most important, it should be fun. If it’s not fun, who would want to return? It is also critical to be supportive. If someone is not having fun, a supportive environment will helps those that feel left out to get involved. The next is sharing knowledge for free. Wouldn’t it be great if the community that was so inspired, they shared their ideas to inspire more to join? The last is specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The purpose for specializing is to inspire a community of ideas. This way we can travel farther on the same journey.


Setting the correct values will align those who may not share the same values. It’s okay if someone doesn’t align right away. If someone is getting value from the club, eventually, his or her spirit will align with the group. When you are part of a culture free from greed and glory it removes personal agendas. Values is the DNA that allows everyone to work toward a common Mission.


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