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July 22, 2017

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Mission 2-25-17

February 25, 2017


I’m going to start our session today by telling a story of my purpose and explaining how it applies to our club mission. I’ll describe my story by sharing Ikigai (ee-key-guy). Ikigai is the Japanese word for meaning and purpose. It’s a combination of what you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you’re good at. This is a mix of mission, vocation, profession, and passion. What I love is sharing what I have learned to others. I believe the world needs more “Free Knowledge”. This is the mission of our club. What I can be paid for is implementing this knowledge as value to solve problems. What I’m good at is communicating (STEM) science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


In order for us to travel the same journey we must be together on the same mission. Our culture is sharing knowledge in areas the world needs. To be successful, it’s important for us to start sharing knowledge in a common area. This way people will be inspired to return, learn, and share. We’ll start by learning and sharing free knowledge in data science. I’m going to present a couple diagrams that will give you some ideas on data science topics. This will help us understand where we are and where we’re headed on our mission. Data science is the place where we will start to work toward our mission of “Free Knowledge”. Since our mission is ambitious, it’s useful to start in a common area to establish a community. We’ll continue to dive deep in the areas of data science useful to our club. This will keep us interested learning more every week. We’ll get feedback at the end of the session and develop that area of content for the club. This approach will prevent us from confusing guests and members of the community. This will keep us on track on our mission until we are ready to grow. Once we have an established a community, we’ll grow into more diverse topics such has ways to process data science as information.


I’m going to address questions from guests on what topics, tools, problems we present. If you want to present it’s important to learn about subjects within Data Science. Data Science is a place to start on our journey. When you have started to learn more about data science topics, you’ll continue to be inspired to learn until you have reached a level of passion to present on your favorite topic.

Here are some ideas that are more specific to start in data science. data mining, neurocomputing, statistics, pattern recognition, KDD or knowledge discovery databases, machine learning, AI, and databases. When you become an expert in these areas you start to become a knowledgeable data scientist. When you have become more skilled in data science topics you’ll develop your ikigai.  Communication, statistics, programming, and business. This is is the path of our mission.




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